August 2008 Blog Postings

August 29, 2008

With the start of the regular season right around the corner, here's a glance around the league (in alpha order) prior to showtime. Every team has at least 1 good fantasy player and you'll find the top 4 from every team listed below along with a quick Analysis of what you can expect starting Week 1. There's bound to be some disagreement so send me your shouts, but be prepared to backup your claims. Enjoy!

A long time ago, in a galaxy far far away, an order was placed with for a Favre Jets jersey. The saga begins normal enough with the announcement of a trade between Green Bay and New York for an NFL icon. Shortly after the announcement, our hero decides to place an order for the already-advertised jersey. Admittedly, the order wasn't placed until the day AFTER the announcement.

There's a new feature to the Nerd. Today in the NFL is a collection of the day's happenings around the league. It's a great spot to take a look at the day's events and incredibly useful if you're watching your league's waiver wire. If you're in a competitive league, it's important to learn about injuries and updates as they happen. Enjoy.

August 23, 2008

Move over Alex Smith - the contest is over. JT O'Sullivan has claimed the starting QB spot in San Francisco. Expect his Nerd ranking to climb. "J.T. O'Sullivan will be our starting quarterback going into the season and I'm expecting him to succeed," said coach Mike Nolan. "I'm very confident J.T. is at the point where he's our best man for the job right now."

Tis the season for drafts and you guys have created more Draft Buddies than I had anticipated. I hope you're finding it useful. It's awfully tough to have a great season if you've had a bad draft.

I got a great question from one of our regular users regarding some of the rankings and I think it's a great time to share my answer not only to Hart but also to everyone else. The Nerd goes to great lengths to correct bad data from the various sources it searches and it remains an evolutionary process. The more sites we aggregate...the more challenging the process. None of the sites adhere to any sort of standards. Some sites list the Packers as GBP, some as GB. Marion Barber vs Marion Barber III. LaDainian Tomlinson vs L Tomlinson.

Brandon Marshall has been suspended for the first 3 (possibly 2 if he fully complies with the suspension) regular-season games this year as a result of three arrests over the past year. This isn't a good start for the Broncos or Marshall who had over 1,300 yards receiving on 100+ receptions last year. Fantasy owners can lump Marshall and Steve Smith in the same boat - they're both exceptional players who will be drafted but owners will have to wait for production until week 3.

August 3, 2008

Steve Smith has been suspended for the first 2 regular season games as punishment for fighting with teammate Ken Lucas. It will be interesting to see how the Nerd's draft rankings differ on Smith over the next few days. I can't imagine that his value is going to go up at all.

Anybody who has ever played poker knows that eventually your hand is going to get called. The hand is being called in Green Bay as Favre has been officially reinstated and will report to training camp tomorrow at noon. His plane is expected to land in Green Bay at 5:30 pm where tonight's Family Night Scrimmage is scheduled to be played before 60,000+ fans. Favre is not expected to be at the game tonight.

August 1, 2008

Anybody who had Steve Smith on their team last year is already used to disappointment. Today he apparently got into a fight on the sidelines with fellow Panther Ken Lucas. Nobody's sure what caused the fight, but Smith's lack of control is disappointing. It wasn't the first time he's gotten into a fight with a teammate. Anthony Bright was on the receiving end of Smith's anger six years ago for which Smith received a one game suspension. No word yet on what the team's going to hand down for punishment, but we'll keep an eye on it.

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