September 2008 Blog Postings

September 28, 2008

This just in. Carson Palmer has been dropped back to the 3rd QB spot in CIN. Ryan Fitzpatrick will start instead. The rankings don't show this last minute change so hopefully you're doing your research. If not, check, FF Librarian, ESPN, etc.

September 25, 2008

For those using the API, injury reports and status checks are now available.

September 18, 2008

Here's a new feature that I hope helps when making those tough gut-instinct decisions. I've implemented charting for every player to visually see the spread between the projections.

DeSean Jackson - The Dumbest Play of the Year (so far)

September 14, 2008

Good morning Nerds. Game time is less than 4 hours away, and if you intend on starting any Texans or Ravens, think again. Hurricane Ike will change your mind. The Baltimore-Houston game has been rescheduled for November 9th. Reliant Stadium has been damaged by the hurricane. Apparently parts of the roof have been blown off and the stadium is not safe for fans to enter.

September 13, 2008

Daily injury reports are now available. Now that it's released, I'll be working on integration within the Nerd engine. For all of you using the API, the Injury Report will be available in the near future (gotta do the doc on it first).

September 11, 2008

A couple of new changes over the past 24 hours. Some are internal and more internal changes are in the works (pretty boring if you're not a programmer). One of the visible changes is the Health Meter on the Sit/Start rankings.

September 10, 2008

I've disabled a number of the sites that the Nerd searches based upon their performance projections from last week. I'll continue watching their projections and can very easily add them back. There's one more that I may disable depending on how it's projections go this week. I've reviewed today's search index and they're not that far off so I'll give them another week.

September 8, 2008

It's a good morning for some (unless you drafted Tom Brady). There were quite a few surprises yesterday that I think shocked a number of people.

September 7, 2008

I think that's an appropriate title to this post. I'm watching in amazement at the constant change in projections on a DAILY basis. Surprisingly, even the top 5 player projections at each position change on a daily basis. I've made lineup changes in some of my leagues already and am going back and forth on a few more before the games start today.

The season officially starts tomorrow night when Washington visits Eli and company. Just as the Nerd searched 19 leading fantasy football sites for pre-season draft rankings, I'm happy to announce that the Sit/Start search engine rankings are now available. The rankings will update every day at 12:00 Eastern and will give you a cumulative rank as to the expected fantasy points each player will score.

I'm happy to announce that there's a new webservice available within the API. The Nerd searches weekly projections from the best fantasy football sites on the Net daily and this new functionality has been exposed through the API. The API is free to use, however I recommend that you cache the results locally instead of hitting the API with every one of your user requests. Along with the player rankings you'll find a list of the current week's games.

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