October 2008 Blog Postings

Well, it's Sunday morning and kickoff is in 2 hours. Here's some of things I'll be watching for today in no particular order.

October 20, 2008

As I wrote yesterday, it was my hope that the Packers organization would see fit to invite me back every week if Ryan Grant rushed for over 100 yards yesterday. Well, guess what? He did and scored his first TD of the season. I have never been to a losing game and my streak remains intact. The Packers have won EVERY game that I've been at. The Colts were definitely favored to win, but a strong Packers D prevented that from happening (along with my presence!!).

Good and bad news for me. The bad news is that I won't be able to watch the games today except for the opening kickoff. The good news is that I'll be watching my beloved Packers host the Indianapolis Colts this afternoon at hallowed Lambeau Field. I'll be starting Ryan Grant and hopefully my cheering him on will help him reach the century mark in yardage today. If he reaches that milestone, I hope the Packers organization will see fit to invite me back every week (it's still early in the morning - I know I'm dreaming).

October 16, 2008

Well I was wrong. Last week, I wrote "I'm benching Ryan Grant this week in favor of Le-Ron McClain. Even though he had 83 yards on the ground last week, Grant still hasn't found the end zone and I'm tired of the false hope." McClain had 2 attempts for -2 yards, a fumble, and 1 reception for 2 yards. He was in fact the lowest scoring RB among ALL backs last week. I could have started someone on bye week and scored more points. The Nerd had McClain ranked #15 last week with Grant at #17. I guess none of the experts saw that one coming.

I'm sure you're all aware Roy Williams will be leaving Detroit and heading down south to Dallas and that Shaun Alexander has finally found a home (temporarily) in Washington.

Last week wasn't very good for me. I didn't use the Nerd to make a sit/start decision that I should have. I have both Larry Johnson and Brian Westbrook in one league and opted to start Johnson, even though the Nerd had Westbrook edging him out in the rankings. I just felt that Johnson was the safer play coming off a monster week and Westbrook nursing his injury. That was a disappointment and cost me the win. Larry Johnson's pathetic 7 carries for 2 yards produced a whopping 0.2 points which just doesn't cut it. 2 YARDS?!?!?! I'd be happy to suit up and carry the ball 7 times for a fraction of his salary. Give me a bonus if I get 3 or more yards.

Arizona - Anquan Boldin is out, so Steve Breaston should see more looks during what is expected to be a shoot-out.

Game time is almost upon us so here's a quick look around the NFL based on the Nerd projections.

October 1, 2008

When I created the Nerd, it was my intention to use it myself. I do...every week, however I balance the predictions with my own research and ultimately, my gut. I'm in three leagues and I used the Nerd's Draft Buddy tool for all three. I thought it would be interesting to post how I'm doing after 4 weeks.

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