August 2009 Blog Postings

If William Shakespeare played fantasy football, he might begin his soliloquy with the words "Michael Turner...To draft or not to draft: that is the question. Whether 'tis nobler in the mind to suffer the curse of 370...". I received an email from one of our users this morning on this topic and thought that I'd post it here because it's a question that someone in every single draft has to consider.

August 25, 2009

Depending on your league's scoring system, a poor defense could mean the difference between a win and a loss. In two of the leagues that I'll be in for 2009, a poor defensive outing can easily spell L-O-S-S. Starting a weak defense could bring you -10 or -15 points which can negate a strong performance from some of your studs. Looking back at the Nerd's 2008 rankings showed what a difficult year it was in predicting defensive performances. I like 2009's consensus and I think there will be a few surprises this year.

I just finished reading Matthew Berry's You Heard Me! article on and I can certainly sympathize with him. He made some bold predictions last year. Some panned out. Some didn't. I got a good laugh reading about some of his 2008 predictions and the comments he received from readers. One reader agreed that Santonio Holmes would be a Top 12 receiver (he finished at #32). Berry predicted that Troy Smith would have 24 total touchdowns (he was only off by 23). With predictions like those, you gotta laugh when someone tells him "You know nothing." or "Grow a set would ya!".

I appreciate all the emails asking when Brett Favre will be included in the fantasy football rankings. I just learned about it this morning, so I'll be adding him to the active players list this evening. Favre will get included in tomorrow morning's rankings scan so you'll be able to see him shortly.

Move over Donovan, here comes Michael. Michael Vick has signed a 2 year agreement with the Philadelphia Eagles, according to ESPN's Chris Mortensen. All the speculation has finally come to an end.

August 13, 2009

Last night I participated in a Pros vs Joes draft where a group of fantasy football site owners are playing against a group of fantasy football users. It's a set it and forget it league where the optimal lineup forms the basis of your weekly score. For those not familiar with that concept, it's pretty simple. You have to start 1 QB for example, however you can draft multiple QB's. The QB with the most points that week is the one who counts towards your weekly score. It's a neat format that really forces you to think about how you're drafting.

Steve Smith, the star wide receiver for the Carolina Panthers, was carted off to the locker room today. Reports are unclear as to the extent and type of injury he may have experienced. He appeared to be grabbing his right arm after the collision.

For a team that could really use some good news, the injury to Donnie Avery was not what they needed. The St Louis Rams have announced that Avery injured his left foot during a team scrimmage this past Friday night. While he did not fracture it, the injury appears to be bigger than they had originally thought.

Knowshon Moreno signed a 5-year, $23 million contract yesterday effectively ending his camp holdout. The Broncos have the day off today, but Moreno is expected to be on the field practicing on Sunday.

Pop Quiz: When is $20+ million chump change?

So what do you do with the possibility of Michael Vick coming back this season? Do you pick him with a late round flyer? Or do you leave him for someone else to worry about? Let's take a look at how valuable he would be to your team this season.

August 1, 2009

Are you a knowledgeable fantasy footballer? Have you participated in leagues on different platforms and scoring rules? We're looking to add a league management program to Fantasy Football Nerd, and want to get some die-hard players to help beat it up and provide feedback. This is an invitation-only opportunity. We hope to have it ready for wide-scale release next season.

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