July 2010 Blog Postings

July 28, 2010

I'll admit that I listen to XM Radio for 2 reasons. There used to be 3 reasons, but now that there are more and more commercials, I can't always count "commercial-free" radio as one of the reasons. First, I enjoy listening to CNN and FOX News. It's always interesting to get the real story and then drop over to FOX to get the right's version of it. The 2nd reason I enjoy XM Radio is that I can listen to stations like XM 20 on 20 so that I can do my best to try and keep up with what's current. Now, I have a new reason to listen to XM Radio: SIRIUS|XM Fantasy Sports Radio is the only 24/7 radio channel dedicated to all-things fantasy sports.

July 21, 2010

When my Inbox is overflowing I know it's getting close to fantasy football season. It's great to hear from everyone again. The off-season makes me feel like a bear in hibernation. I haven't been asleep even though it may look like the site (particularly the blog) is sparse. In fact, the engine was turned on earlier this year and just about all the sites are reporting in. I expect the rest to come online in the next week or so plus I'm talking to several other sites about bringing in their rankings. Here are some of the other things that I'm watching and working on.

Now here's a real head scratcher of a football player. Came out of Texas with a chip on his shoulder ready to prove to the world he was the best RB in the 2005 draft. His first 4 years in the league were anything but stellar. Averaging 585 yards and 3TD's a season until last year. He ran for over 1200 yards and 6 rushing touchdowns in his career year. He also tossed in 111 receiving yards last season. So what does that all mean for this season?

Roy Williams came into the NFL a top flight wide out from Texas. Detroit had a string of first round wide receivers drafted including Mike Williams from USC and Charles Rogers from Michigan State. To me he has exceeded both of those two flops, but isn't a top flight receiver, even in the Cowboys passing attack.

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