June 2011 Blog Postings

A few weeks ago I mentioned that Buffalo Wild Wings was spearheading a "Save the Season" petition. B-Dubs has gone so far as to send letters to both the NFL and NFL Players Association urging them to come to an agreement. They're taking it a step further and putting their money where their mouth is...or more accurately, where our mouths are. If the NFL lockout ends on or before July 20, the official date when the first players are scheduled to begin reporting to training camp, Buffalo Wild Wings will celebrate by giving away six free wings to everyone in America who has signed the "Save our Season" petition. This is the kind of promotion that one could really "sink his teeth into". (cue the laugh track)

If you run a fantasy sports blog or website, this one's for you! FFN is proud to announce our newest feature: the FFN fantasy football affiliate program. With the addition of the FFN Premium membership option, an affiliate program is a wonderful opportunity for us to share in the growth of FFN with other site owners. It's free to participate and enrollment takes just a few seconds.

Picture this: it's Week 16 of the NFL. You are in your fantasy football league's Super Bowl. You've also gotten tickets to not only see your favorite NFL team play but go down on the sidelines before the game as well. No matter how you slice it, this has the makings of an incredibly memorable day. It couldn't be...perfect...could it? The game was fantastic but after you get home from the stadium you realize that Steven Jackson (your starting fantasy RB) was ruled inactive just before kickoff. You lost your fantasy championship by 2 points.

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