July 2011 Blog Postings

It is pretty amazing when you think about it. The skills you learn and master playing fantasy sports can easily transfer over to other areas of your life, and vice versa. I just finished reading How Fantasy Sports Explains The World by ESPN fantasy sports analyst AJ Mass. I had an opportunity to chat with AJ recently about the book and the upcoming fantasy football season.

I think we all expected a flurry of activity once the lockout was lifted and we're starting to see it. Whether it's a quarterback who has promised to retire if not traded or a wide receiver recently released from prison in town to talk to his former team about coming back, the NFL right now is like a fantasy soap opera. In fact, let's call it "As the NFL Turns".

July 24, 2011

It's difficult to follow along with the progress in the NFL's CBA negotiations. Where you think things stand depends entirely on what sources you read, so let's look at it through the FantasyFootballNerd.com lense.

We're happy to announce the addition of Mock Draft Central and RealTime Fantasy Sports to the Fantasy Football Nerd rankings!

I went and saw the last Harry Potter film last night. Opening weekend was something else. It's a rare occasion where you get to see people in costume (some good...some not so good) at a movie theater. I haven't read any of the Potter books, but I have seen all of the movies. In addition to watching a good film, I was able to check off the movie at IveWatchedIt.com, a site that lets me track the movies I've watched) and get the Hogwarts Award Trophy. I'm a movie lover and it looks like I've seen more than 500 movies total (Movies I've Watched). I've enjoyed the Harry Potter franchise and wish there were more films. Just as the Harry Potter franchise came to an end, the NFL lockout is just about over as well.

This is not a rhetorical question. Seriously - someone tell me. What has happened to the Steelers? Pittsburgh has one of the most storied, most talented, and most respected franchises in the NFL but few can argue that the Steelers name has been tarnished lately.

I'm feeling a bit like Harold Camping right now. I predicted an end to the NFL lockout on or around the July 4th holiday and it hasn't happened. I was pretty optimistic heading into the holiday weekend. I've heard the July 15th date tossed around quite a bit as the date an agreement needed to be reached to keep the preseason intact. Well folks, the next date on the calendar is July 19th. That's when the main parties and their respective attorneys will be back in Minnesota to meet with Judge Arthur Boylan who will be back from his vacation. As I understand it, the goal is to have an agreement ready by the 21st so that the NFL owners can vote on it. As a fan I'm frustrated by the apparent lack of progress and urgency over the past two months. What I wouldn't give to don a referee shirt, lock both sides in a room, and "mediate" the daylight out of both.

Who needs the NFL when you've got the Corn League complete with NFL stars and celebrity actors? Funny or Die has outdone themselves with this video. Incredibly creative!

I'm proud to announce the addition of FantasyFootballStarters.com and GOAheadScore.com to the FFN consensus rankings. Both of these sites are outstanding fantasy football resources and I'm confident that they'll help strengthen the consensus.

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