August 2014 Blog Postings

If you have your fantasy football draft before next week's kickoff, here are 10 last minute tips, news, and notes to think about before clicking that Draft button.

It's not uncommon this time of year to get questions about my thoughts on particular players. Sometimes it takes the form of emails, texts, calls, or even the low-tech (but much more enjoyable) face-to-face chats. The questions are usually something along the lines of "What do you think of [insert player name]?" Here's a rundown of players and their fantasy implications that you should know before drafting.

With fantasy football drafts underway, here's a quick rundown of some of the players that have changed teams and are fantasy-relevant.

Arguably one of the most exciting parts of fantasy football is the draft. The time-honored tradition is to get everyone together and knock the draft out in person. Distance, busy schedules, and technology have made online drafts much more convenient and prevalent, but trust me, the fun factor is just not the same. If you're up for getting the league together, here are some cool things to try. I'm also giving away a free Buffalo Wild Wings draft kit and CBS is offering Fantasy Football Nerd members a $5.00 discount and free shipping on draft kits!

I've gotten this question a lot recently and I will face this dilemma myself in both the FFN Experts League for Charity as well as the Experts League. The answer is...maybe. So when would it be a good idea to draft a quarterback?

The first quarter (maybe the first half) of preseason football is always interesting. It's when we get to see the stars in action. The rest of the game is basically a glorified scrimmage, but there were a few takeaways from the first week. Here's our shotgun look at the first week.

A bust refers to a player that was drafted much higher than how he actually performed. These are guys that you drafted in the early rounds with every intention of starting each week only to pull your hair out later as you have to make sit/start decisions. Doug Martin from Tampa Bay was drafted last year in the first round in virtually every league. The same goes for Ray Rice and Trent Richardson. All drafted early with the expectation of being a RB1. All failed completely to live up to expectations leaving fantasy owners scrambling to try and even make the playoffs. These are the guys that we're urging caution on this year.

What is a fantasy football sleeper? A sleeper is a player that you most likely will not draft as a starter for your team, but could potentially end up being a starter for you every week by the end of the year. The real benefit to picking the right sleepers is that you end up with a starter that you didn't have to spend a high draft pick on. Before he became a superstar, Arian Foster was designated as a sleeper by many (including our friend Maurice Jones-Drew). Foster, of course, went on to have a monster year. Fantasy owners who drafted him in the 9th or 10th-round for example ended up with a player worthy of a 1st-round pick. Not every player is going to have that potential, but here's who we see with the potential to make your season a winning one.

Think you got what it takes to beat up a nerd? Think again. Here's your chance to play against me.

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