2015 Fantasy Football Rankings

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Rankings as of Tuesday, Sept 8, 2015

Fantasy Football Rankings - Defenses

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FantasyFootballNerd.com searches and aggregates fantasy football rankings from around the web into one easy to use display. The fantasy football rankings shown below are from the top fantasy football rankings websites. The projections are weighted based on a number of factors including past accuracy.

The Pts/Gm is the projected points per game that each player is expected to contribute on a weekly basis. This can be helpful if choosing between two closely-ranked players.

Rank Player Team Bye Pts/Gm
1 Seattle Seahawks SEA 9 7.9
2 Buffalo Bills BUF 8 7.9
3 St. Louis Rams STL 6 7.7
4 Houston Texans HOU 9 7.2
5 Denver Broncos DEN 7 7.1
6 Arizona Cardinals ARI 9 6.9
7 Miami Dolphins MIA 5 6.9
8 Carolina Panthers CAR 5 6.5
9 New England Patriots NE 4 6.5
10 Green Bay Packers GB 7 7.1
11 New York Jets NYJ 5 6.9
12 Baltimore Ravens BAL 9 6.7
13 Cincinnati Bengals CIN 7 6.2
14 Kansas City Chiefs KC 9 6.8
15 Philadelphia Eagles PHI 8 6.9

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