Fantasy Football Tiers - Defense/Special Teams

2015 Fantasy Football Tiers

What are fantasy football tiers?

Tiers are a way of grouping similar-caliber players. Production between tiers is generally considered significant enough to warrant a new tier.

Viewing players based upon tiers is one of the most effective drafting techniques available in fantasy football. A tier is comprised of players who should contribute as much as some of their peers. This is where we put the elite guys together, the great, good, average, and below average players into groups. For example, you ideally want at least one running back from a top tier, at least one from each tier, or as many from top tiers as you can get. Watching tiers allows you to see which skill positions have an abundance of players and which are scarce. Fantasy football tiers are an excellent way to conduct value based drafting!

Defense/Special Teams

Tier 1 Defense/Special Teams
Seattle Seahawks - DEF, SEA
Buffalo Bills - DEF, BUF
St. Louis Rams - DEF, STL
Houston Texans - DEF, HOU
Denver Broncos - DEF, DEN
Tier 2 Defense/Special Teams
Arizona Cardinals - DEF, ARI
Miami Dolphins - DEF, MIA
Carolina Panthers - DEF, CAR
New England Patriots - DEF, NE
Green Bay Packers - DEF, GB
New York Jets - DEF, NYJ
Baltimore Ravens - DEF, BAL
Cincinnati Bengals - DEF, CIN
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