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Fantasy Football Lineup Analyzer

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We aggregate rankings and projections from 38 of the leading fantasy football websites and weight those rankings & projections based upon each site's accuracy to produce our award-winning consensus. The more accurate a site is, the more influence it has on the final outcome. We then use those rankings to help you set your weekly lineup!

Here's how it works:

Step 1: Add Your Roster

The first step is to add your roster. This can be done by clicking on the Manage Roster button.

Fantasy Football Lineup Analyzer

If your league is supported, you can click the Import Roster button and have Fantasy Football Nerd go get your roster for you.

When importing, FFN will give you an opportunity to review your roster before you import it.

Fantasy Football Lineup Analyzer

Step 2: Suggest a Lineup

It really is as simple as clicking a button. Simply click the Suggest Lineup button to have FFN suggest your starting lineup.

Fantasy Football Lineup Analyzer

Step 3: Work the Waiver Wire

It never hurts to shop around, right? FFN makes it easy to get a quick look at what players you should be thinking about on the waiver wire.

We will look at your league's waiver wire, compare those players to our award-winning consensus rankings, and show you how your team compares to the best that's available on the wire.

Again, it's as simple as clicking the Waiver Wire button.

Fantasy Football Lineup Analyzer

Step 4: Find Free Agents...FAST!

Our new Free Agent Finder feature on the Lineup Analyzer does just that! Once you have loaded all of your leagues into the Lineup Analyzer, you can search for any player and have FFN go out to all of your leagues (both public and private) and check on the availability of the player. If he's not available, we'll tell you and even show you who has him if you want to put in a trade. If he's available, we'll show you so that you know exactly which league to go pick him up in.

Free Agent Finder

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Supported Platforms

Your league DOES NOT need to be on any of these platforms. You can manually add your roster, but the platforms listed below can be used to import your rosters and/or review your league's waiver wire.

Platform Import Team Waiver Wire
ESPN Yes Yes
NFL Yes Yes
Yahoo Yes Yes
CBS Yes Yes
MyFantasyLeague Yes Yes
Fantrax Yes Yes
Fleaflicker Yes Yes
RealTime Sports Yes Yes Yes Yes