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Posted: Thursday, July 31, 2008

The Favre saga continues with a possible resolution within the next 24 hours. Fantasy players should be paying attention to see if the legend will be available this year or not. Rumor has it that both the Bears and the Vikings are "last resort" options for the Green Bay management, but the Bucs and Jets are preferrable options for Murphy and company. Even an offer of $20 mil over the next couple of years wasn't enough to stay retired. Enough's enough. Let him play.

Steven Jackson missed his 10th practice and a full week of training camp. Neither side seems willing to budge, however this shouldn't be a major concern for fantasy owners. Jackson is too important to this team to not find a resolution.

Five arrests later, Chris Henry, formerly with the Bengals, has been officially suspended for the first 4 games of the season. Assuming he gets picked up by a brave team, he could file for reinstatement later this year. Fantasy owners should stay away during their drafts unless you're in a very deep league. If he gets picked up, he may be a good waiver pick however. He missed half the season last year but still managed to pick up 2 TD's, 21 receptions, and 343 yards in the remaining games.

Keep an eye on Jeff Garcia. He was carted off the field today, but reports indicate that he'll be back shortly and will not miss any of the regular season.

Anquan Boldin's still not happy in Arizona, however he'll be there for the year. His contract currently has him at $4 million/year, however Larry Fitzgerald's 4 year $40 million contract extension has got to be fueling the fire. Both guys are incredibly talented and should make for some happy fantasy owners again this year.


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