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FFN Now Available In Pickemfirst

Posted: Sunday, August 1, 2010

We're proud to announce that the rankings are now available through Pickemfirst.

PickemfirstPickemfirst is an awesome plugin for Firefox, Internet Explorer, and Google Chrome that can search whatever page you're visiting and pick out the athletes from the page. The best part is that it highlights the players on the page and shows you whether or not they are available in your leagues.

means the player is available in at least one of your leagues

means the player is not available in any of your leagues

means you own the player in at least one of your leagues

Here's a great example: let's say you're reading an article on,, or any other fantasy football site. You can run Pickemfirst on that page and the icons above will display next to that player's name. Clicking on the icon can give you a wealth of information on that player including stats, news, projections, and rankings.

Pickemfirst is quite simply one of the best tools built right into my browser. It's fantastic for both the hardcore fantasy player as well as the beginner.

Did I mention yet that it's free? Seriously - this awesome plugin is free and after you've used it a few times, you're going to wonder how you did without it.

Here's a quick video from Pickemfirst on how the plugin works:

Importing your teams is a breeze and you're going to flip the first time that you're reading about waiver wire pickups and you can quickly see which guys are available in your leagues.

I'm thrilled to see the FFN rankings become a part of Pickemfirst for the 2010 season and I highly encourage you to download the plugin today!

Enjoy and good luck!



August 16, 2010
How do I get the rankings of the playes for a ppr league?
August 17, 2010
Unfortunately, most sites produce their rankings for standard scoring only.

While it won't help you with your draft, I'll have PPR rankings available for the Sit/Start rankings each week during the season.
ad roc
August 17, 2010
what is the best draft strategy for a PPR league?

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