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Posted: Saturday, June 18, 2011

If you run a fantasy sports blog or website, this one's for you! FFN is proud to announce our newest feature: the FFN fantasy football affiliate program. With the addition of the FFN Premium membership option, an affiliate program is a wonderful opportunity for us to share in the growth of FFN with other site owners. It's free to participate and enrollment takes just a few seconds.

Refer any future premium member of FFN that signs up from your links and we'll share the revenue with you. FFN Affiliates earn 15% on every membership and there's no cap to your earnings.

While other affiliate programs force you to use specific links or banners, one of the best parts about the FFN program is the ability to link to any page on and earn credit. Once a visitor comes to FFN from your site, we'll "tag" them as yours and credit you should they sign up for a premium membership on FFN.

Once enrolled, you'll have access to real-time reporting. You'll know your earnings as they happen. You will also have instant access to your traffic stats. From this data you'll be able to determine your specific look-to-book ratio to help you project your future sales.

FFN has grown so much over the past few years and we're looking forward to continuing that growth over the coming years. One way to achieve that growth is through our Affiliate Program which is more like a "Partner Program". To us this is not just semantics. You are growing your business by helping us grow ours. That's how we define the word "partnership".

Let us take our partnership to new heights by showing the fantasy football industry just what our collective intelligence can do! Our goal is one in the same: provide an innovative, quality product that provides value for the visitor while allowing us to continue improving that technology.

If you run a fantasy sports blog or website, we encourage you to check out the FFN fantasy football affiliate program today and we look forward to working with you!


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