MJD and Roddy White Answer Fantasy Questions

Posted: Friday, August 23, 2013

Yesterday was one of those days where the fantasy gods look down upon us and smile. I had the opportunity to join DIRECTV and ooVoo during their live press event highlighting all of the cool things they've got this season. Maurice Jones-Drew and Roddy White fielded fantasy questions and had some banter of their own. MJD picked Arian Foster as his ultimate sleeper in 2010, so I asked for his ultimate sleepers this year. I also asked Roddy about the potential for Larry Fitzgerald to reclaim his fantasy glory now that he has an upgrade at quarterback. Before wrapping it up, I had to ask MJD his opinion on whether or not we should be drafting Le'Veon Bell (something I did just a few days earlier). The video is below:

I want to thank my friends at DIRECTV and ooVoo for the opportunity. If you haven't seen DIRECTV's Sunday Ticket offering, it's awesome. Every game from every market. I like the 8-game mix channel and this year I can watch it on the tablet, TV, or phone. The FFN Users League is on NFL.com which has been integrated into the Sunday Ticket so I can track not only my matchup and players, but one touch will take me directly to any player's game. I can also get scoring alerts and go directly to that play. It's very cool.

NFL Sunday Ticket


brogus commented
August 24, 2013

This was really cool, thanks

itpboy11 commented
August 31, 2013

Great stuff!! I have garcon,ivory fitz,bell,so I hope they r rite!!!!!lol

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