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Get help setting an optimal DFS lineup on Yahoo

We aggregate rankings and projections from 38 of the leading fantasy football websites and weight those rankings & projections based upon each site's accuracy to produce our award-winning consensus. The more accurate a site is, the more influence it has on the final outcome. We then use those rankings to help you set your Yahoo lineup!

Bang for your Buck Based on these weighted, projected points, FFN calculates the cost per point for every player along with the percentage of cap room that each player will consume. We use those numbers to help us determine a Bang for your Buck score for every player. This is the best way to find value players!

We are the ONLY company in the world that lets you set your rankings preference: Conservative, Consensus, and Aggressive! We put the power of our data into your hands!

Don't set your Yahoo Lineup without checking FFN first!

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Yahoo Lineup Tool

We put even more of our data into your hands beyond the projections spectrum. If there's a player that you think is bound to have a huge game, you can specifically include him and we'll find an optimal team to surround that player. Conversely, if you think a particular player is overrated, you have the option to exclude that player and we'll find an optimal lineup that doesn't include him. You make the call and we'll fill in the blanks.