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What do Kevin Kolb and Jay Cutler have in common? Both had to leave a game this season with concussions. Football is a physical sport and there are risks associated with the game. Both players ended up being OK and they can partially thank plastics for that. Their helmets are made from molded polycarbonate shells with foam padding inside. We've come a long way since that first Army/Navy game in 1893 when the first leather football helmet was worn!

It's easy to take plastics for granted, so our friends at Plastics Make It Possible are kicking off a pretty cool promotion to help generate awareness of just how important a role plastics plays in the modern NFL game.

Visit the site to learn more about how plastics are used in everything from the uniform and equipment to the field itself. Then comment on the story to enter yourself into a drawing to win a free Tailgating Party Pack of your favorite NFL or college football team-branded items!

In your comments on the site, simply answer the following question:

Who are you rooting for this football season and what surprised you most about how plastics are used in the sport?

You have until midnight November 5th to enter the contest so enter today. Good luck!


October 20, 2010
green bay

did not realize plastic was used in helmets
October 21, 2010
Sorry bnsdas - you gotta post your comments on the Plastics Make It Possible website.

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