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Beta Testers Needed

Posted: Monday, July 15, 2013

If anyone has a few minutes on their hands, I'd love to have a few folks beta test the new Draft Buddy application. You don't need to be a premium member to take it for a drive, but eventually it will be offered as a premium option in the same way that the existing Draft Buddy is.

The new version is very similar to the old Draft Buddy in that it's designed to be used as an aid during your league draft. There are however a few exceptions:

fantasy football tiers1. Player Tiers - Now you can keep an eye on player tier levels as the draft progresses.

2. Performance - Slightly faster performance once the application loads. The new application doesn't require any page reloads or refreshes.

3. Alternate Rankings - Don't want to use the FFN rankings? Try someone else's. I'm not sure if this will remain a feature as I try to respect the wishes of some of our expert sites who don't want to be listed like this, but I'd like to get feedback on whether or not there is value to choosing someone else's rankings for use within the Draft Buddy. I would think that most folks would want to use the FFN rankings, but any feedback on this beta feature would be appreciated.

Again, you don't need a premium account to test out the new app, but you will need a free account. There's no compensation here (hate to break it to you), but if you've got a few minutes and want to test it out, I'd love to get some more feedback.

Click here to take it for a test drive and then either shoot me an email at or add your comments below.

Any and all feedback is greatly appreciated!



July 15, 2013
I honestly was a big fan of the other one you had, but I do like the increased fluidity of this one. It also seems to process faster.

A few issues:
--When you scroll down in one "position" tab and then click to a different tab, the slider stays where you left it in the other tab. I believe that it should default to the top (and/or where you left it in that tab last time) instead of, in a way, being left somewhere random.

--"My Team" should not be at the bottom. Bring that to the top!

--In addition to that, I believe that the "Bye Week Coverage" grid should not take precedence over the very helpful "Tier Player" grid. Swap the position of these two.

--Maybe you should consider a sort feature for specific bye weeks?

--Can you add a bottom footer/border to square up the app a little better?

--Have the FFN logo link you to the FFN homepage in a new tab.

Playing around with it more, the little things like the availability of other ranking lists and some quick-reference grids, it's really beginning to grow on me and I'm definitely interested (and will like I did many times last year) in using it!
July 15, 2013
One more thing I wanted to mention:

You should have it available to be set up by how many rounds will be drafted and/or min/max of a position allowed.

This way, in case your mind is still stuck on losing your entire queue list, Draft Buddy will be a good buddy and let you know that there's only two rounds left...that you should consider a Def and K...which you have yet to draft...instead of that "sleeper" WR.

Make sense?
July 15, 2013
Absolutely awesome feedback! Thank you.
August 14, 2013
Is it to late to add a Flex position to the setup options? I have a league with a RB/WR position and didn't know if you could make that available.
August 19, 2013
Add flex.
Add total number of draft rounds.
Other than that defer back to the top when changing tabs....all good suggestions.
This tool is why I just became a premium member today.....
August 19, 2013
Add flex, and number of draft rounds and track rounds.
Great tool, its why I got premium membership today.

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