Injury Reports Now Available

Posted: Saturday, September 13, 2008

Daily injury reports are now available. Now that it's released, I'll be working on integration within the Nerd engine. For all of you using the API, the Injury Report will be available in the near future (gotta do the doc on it first).

Here's my opinion on injury reports. Nice to know, but unless it says that the player is out for sure, it's a toss up. If he's not likely to play, I'd probably pass on that player for the week, however, it's important to visit sites like, ESPN, RotoNation, Fantasy Football Librarian, RotoWire, The Hazean, Bruno Boys, and FF Toolbox to get the additional analysis necessary to make a decision based on the extent of his injury. If the player is good to go, play him but perhaps you'll need to lower your expectations.

Most of the experts that the Nerd searches take these things into account, however, there's still some element of research involved on your part.

Good luck tomorrow to all.


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