Gold in September with Aaron Rodgers

Posted: Monday, September 22, 2014

With all of the bad news coming out of the NFL over the past few weeks, it's refreshing to see a positive story. As many of you know, I am a lifelong Packers fan. Aaron Rodgers is one of those players who not only excels on the field, but he excels off of it as well. He has lent his support to Gold in September (G9) whose mission is to raise awareness and inspire action for childhood cancer initiatives. Gold is the national color for childhood cancer and September (the 9th month) is the recognized National Childhood Cancer Awareness Month. You'll notice that the FFN website has changed its colors to help raise awareness for this very worthy cause.

The campaign was started by Annie Bartosz, an 11-year old girl from Wisconsin, who lost her twin brother to cancer. Aaron had become close to her brother and had a difficult time when he passed. Aaron surprised her for a video interview she was about to do and the two of them took to the neighborhood to help spread the word. It's a very cool video and an even cooler cause.


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