DeSean Jackson Monday Night Football Video

Posted: Tuesday, September 16, 2008

DeSean Jackson - The Dumbest Play of the Year (so far)

DeSean Jackson - Fumble at High-School All-Star Game

Are you seeing a pattern emerge here?

You don't have to be a Nerd to do this calculation: Cocky + Rookie = Bonehead

If you had Westbrook on your fantasy team, DeSean Jackson was a blessing.


bigdrew34 commented
September 16, 2008

Lost by 2 points this week. Other guy had Westbrook. I almost came back when Yahoo penalized Westbrook for the fumble on McNabb's pump-faked the hand-off. Then Yahoo corrected the ruling. Arrrrrgggggh!!!!!

Nerd commented
September 17, 2008

If the situation wasn't so ridiculous, I'd have an easier time not laughing. I didn't have Jackson, but I have Westbrook in one of my leagues and I couldn't have scripted it any better. I know many people were impacted (both good and bad). Michael over at The Hazean lost a couple of bucks in his league because of the way the final scoring fell.

The real question is: What's more ridiculous? DeSean Jackson's dumb, dumb mistake or a johnson showing on Chris Cooley's blog?

I'm so happy that Week 2 is in the books.

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