Thanks for a great season!

Posted: Tuesday, December 23, 2008

I just wanted to take a moment to thank all of you for making the first season of a fun and successful one.

I think there's some evidence that the wisdom of the crowd theory has merit. There have been examples every week where the Nerd can bring a better consensus on sit/start decisions than a single site is capable of. I've found it incredibly useful and judging by some of the comments I've received from many of you, you have too! I'll share some of them below.

Regarding the hundreds of fantasy football websites out there: I have a tremendous amount of respect for the experts who put themselves on the line before and during the season. They take the best information available to them and make their predictions. It doesn't matter if you're ESPN,, Fox, CBS, Ask the Commish, Fantasy Shark, Ant Sports, FanBall, FF Toolbox, Yahoo, or any of the dozens of other sites that provide their thoughts and opinions, these guys put themselves out there subject to scrutiny from you and I. When it goes well, we rejoice. When it doesn't, we complain. I appreciate all the work that these and all the other sites put forth on such a consistent basis. It takes a tremendous amount of thought and effort to keep up each and every week, and right or wrong, I thank them all.

I have some incredible ideas for next season. I'm not going to share them here today, but I assure you that next season, the website will have tools that are unavailable anywhere else! I've got plenty of time in the off-season to build and test them. I can't wait for you all to see them!

I owe a couple of people a big THANK YOU. They've been incredible and I'm happy to call them my friends. First and foremost, thank you Sara Holladay. You may know her as the FF Librarian. She's an actual librarian (and a HUGE Broncos fan) and has taken the same philosophy and applied it to fantasy football. I kid you not, she has the fantasy football world catalogued. She provides her devoted readers analysis and links to the best sources of information on the web daily. I've enjoyed reading her columns and appreciate her thoughts and opinions. Thank you Sara for a great season!

Thank you to Clay Walker of Fantasy Sports Ventures. The ads you see on the Nerd are served by Clay's company and the ads helped pay for my hosting this year.

Thank you to Andrew who was one of the earliest supporters of the Nerd and actually emailed Sara Holladay with his thoughts on the Nerd. I've had an opportunity to converse with Andrew several times this season and I appreciate his suggestions, error reports, and questions.

There are more people to thank, but this post will run really long. I couldn't end the season without a monster THANK YOU to my wife Jodie who put up with another fantasy football season. She was very supportive and I appreciate all that she has done.

Here are some of my favorite comments sent in by you all!

"Love your site, thanks!"

"Hey, I just wanted to say that your site is amazing. I've wanted to write something similar to your site for the longest time, but you've beat me to it (and done a much better than I could). I know who I'm turning to next year to manage my draft-time picks."

"Thanks and I appreciate the API!"

"Love the blog, thanks for the help over the season."

"Great site. Keep up the good work!"

"I just came across your site and think it is awesome. I only wish I had come across it prior to my league's draft."

"This is the coolest fantasy football website I've ever seen! Thanks!"

"Nice work on the website. Hopefully these rankings will propel me to victory...."

"Wow - your site is amazing! Thank you for providing this!"

"Hey guys, just wanted to let you know I won my 12-team league. I wanted to thank you for all your insight every week, as your site played a big part in my success. Thanks again. Can't wait 'till next year."

There are so many more comments (99% positive) but I won't list them all. For those that know me, you know that I didn't create the Nerd for profit. I do it because I enjoy it. There were literally thousands and thousands of you that visited the site every week. It's these types of comments that make it all worth the effort. I am so happy that others have found value in my work and I thank you for making the Nerd one of the tools in your fantasy football toolbox.

I'm looking forward to next year! Enjoy your off-season!


aka The Nerd


grossiter commented
December 26, 2008

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you. I've been using your site all season long and am happy to say I'm playing in my league's championship game this Sunday (yes, I know. I should never end a FFL on Week 17. Since I'm the Commissioner, I won't make that mistake next year when setting up the league). The advice I've received from this site has been favorable for the most part (more positive than negative) and I look forward to using it next year and possibly using your Draft Buddy as well. Thank you for keeping up the site, stay healthy, keep warm and Peace be with you.

Landshark commented
December 28, 2008

Thanks to your great website, I had an extremely successful season, winning the championship in two leagues, and finishing third in another. I used Fantasy Football Nerd as my main rankings. Your website will be my main guide in years to come.

grossiter commented
December 28, 2008

I won! I won!! I SLAMMED my opponent this week for the League Championship. I'm so happy, I do the Dance of Joy!!!

Nerd commented
December 29, 2008

Thank you for the comments guys! This is exactly what makes it all worth it! Enjoy your off-season!

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