Fantasy Football API

Version 2.0

Depending upon your needs, FFN members can retrieve certain parts of our data in both XML and JSON formats for use within their own applications. We also provide more enhanced data for those users who either require the additional information or plan to use the data within a commercial application. To get started, create a free API key and review the API Documentation below.

If you are using the fantasy football WordPress plugin, this is the place where you'll need to generate an API key. Click here for your API key.

The 2.0 version of our API will be discontinued in 2021. We are in the process of consolidating our football, basketball, and baseball platforms into one offering: Please check the new site for future API documentation.

Getting Started and API Access Levels

Welcome to the Fantasy Football Nerd API! If you're looking to create the next great fantasy football app or just want to supplement your website, you've come to the right place. Many of the most popular fantasy football websites and apps use our data in some fashion.

We offer 3 different access levels depending upon what data you need and how you intend to use it.

View the list of API Services to see which access level is required for each API call.

Level 1: Free API Access


Feel free to use some of the FFN data for your personal use. This is a great option for those just starting out or who only need small amounts of data. Level 1 will provide the same data that any visitor to FFN can see.

Users are required to cache API results.

Level 2: Premium API Access

Free with FFN Premium Membership

Premium members of FFN can retrieve the same data as Level 1 users for their personal use; however Level 2 will provide most of the same data sets that any premium member of FFN can see. Instead of the Top 10 or Top 15 draft rankings for example, all draft rankings are returned.

Users are required to cache API results.

Level 3: Commercial API Access

Just $399 per year!

If you plan on using FFN data for more than just your personal use or in situations where you plan on making thousands of requests, plan on using FFN data on your website, or plan to use FFN data within an application that will be made available to others, please use Level 3. Certain data sets may only be available to commercial users. Caching guidelines are not as strictly enforced for commercial users.

Get a Head Start!
Chris Roerig and Greg Baugues have generously donated code to get you started with an open source Ruby Gem. The code is exceptionally clean, well-documented, and helpful! Thank you guys!

Authentication (API Key)

All API requests require an API key to retrieve live data. To view and code against the XML or JSON, you can also use our test key for development purposes. The test API key is aptly named: test

All API requests are made via a simple GET request where the API key is included in the URL.

IMPORTANT: You are responsible for the safe-keeping of your API key!

Request / Response

Consuming data through our fantasy football API is easy. Everything is available via simple GET requests. All URLs adhere to the following naming convention:{SERVICE-NAME}/{FORMAT}/{API-KEY}

The example below will explain how to set the URL structure to retrieve all NFL teams.

The {SERVICE-NAME} is the specific service you want to retrieve.

For example, to retrieve all NFL teams, you would replace {SERVICE-NAME} with nfl-teams.

The {FORMAT} can have one of two options: xml or json

For example, to retrieve all NFL teams in JSON format, you would replace {FORMAT} with json.

The {API-KEY} is the API Key assigned to you. For testing purposes, you can also use the API Key of: test. Test calls will provide dummy data for you to develop against.

For example, you would replace {API-KEY} with test for testing purposes or with your actual API key for live data.

In order to retrieve LIVE data, you will need to generate an API key.


If a particular API call requires or accepts additional variables like a week, team, or scoring format, those variables will be structured within the URL. For example, to retrieve just quarterbacks from the NFL Players API call, you would use the structure listed above but add the variable 'QB'


The list of API calls will show you a URL Structure with any potential variables.

CORS (Cross Origin Resource Sharing)

The Fantasy Football Nerd API does not currently support CORS.

Virtually every user who has requested CORS support has intended to use it within a Javascript application. Submitting an Ajax call through Javascript can expose your API key which is in direct violation of our terms and conditions.

Exposing your API key via a publicly-accessible website would allow someone viewing the source code to obtain your key and make (and potentially abuse) API calls using your key.

Rate Limiting

Fantasy Football Nerd monitors the types and frequency of API requests. Our default limits are usually more than enough for nearly all use cases. Please read through this documentation in its entirety to avoid common causes of rate limiting issues.


Many of our static services like NFL teams and NFL Bye Weeks will only change once per season, it's not necessary to continually call the same service repeatedly as the data returned isn't changing. We recommend that you cache the results locally. Caching has the added benefit of making your application faster.

HTTP Response Status Codes

Please note that all valid responses in json and xml format will carry an HTTP Response Status Code of 200. Invalid or malformed requests may throw a response code other than 200. Please note that rate-limited json and xml requests may still return an HTTP response status code of 200 but there will be an Error node notifying you of the rate limit.

Fantasy Football WordPress Plugin

Fantasy Football Nerd has made several of its services available through the FFN WordPress Plugin.


In order to enable live data on your WordPress website, you will need to generate an API key. To do so, please visit our Authentication (API Key) section.

List of API Services

Service Description Level 1 Level 2 Level 3
Get a list of the NFL teams and their codes

Retrieve the 2020 NFL Schedule

Get a list of all fantasy players from FFN

Get a list of the teams and their bye weeks

Get the game day weather forecast for the current week's games

** Deprecated ** Please use the auction-enhanced service to retrieve a list of fantasy auction values. Top 15

New The enhanced service provides a complete breakdown of auction values by number of teams and salary caps. Top 15

Get a list of draft rankings (Both PPR and Standard) Top 15

Get draft projections for the 2020 NFL season Top 15

Get IDP draft rankings for the 2020 NFL season Top 15

Retrieve 2020 dynasty rankings Top 15

Get the weekly rankings (Both PPR and Standard) Top 15

Get the weekly projections for each player Top 15

Get the Individual Defensive Player (IDP) rankings for the current week Top 15

Tiers are peer-grouped listings of players. Useful for conducting value-based drafting.

Retrieve the injury reports for each team

Get the depth charts for each team

Get the NFL game picks for each game broken down by expert.

Get the defensive rankings for each team

Get the list of game day inactives for key players

Get the salaries, FFN projected points, and Bang for Your Buck scores for FanDuel, DraftKings, and Yahoo for the current week

Retrieve NFL playoff projections for each team that plays from wildcard to Super Bowl.

New Retrieve current NFL headlines and player news.

Get the historical stats and info for each player. Player stats are updated weekly each Tuesday at 1:00 pm ET.

New Get the stats for a specific week in the NFL. Stats are updated weekly each Tuesday at 1:00 pm ET.