Lineup Analyzer Now Supporting 9 Platforms

May 17, 2020 at 8:18 pm ET

We're happy to announce that beginning this season, we'll be fully supporting within our Lineup Analyzer.

This brings the total number of fully supported platforms to nine.

  • ESPN (both private & public leagues)
  • Yahoo (both private & public leagues)
  • (both private & public leagues)
  • CBS Sports (both private & public leagues)
  • MyFantasyLeague
  • Fantrax
  • Fleaflicker
  • Realtime Sports

The Lineup Analyzer tool from Fantasy Football Nerd not only syncs to your league rosters, but it can also be used to find waiver wire options to better your team. It can even be used to check the availability of a specific player across all of your leagues, so when that next injury happens and everyone's dashing to pick up the next guy on the depth chart, you can see which leagues that player is still available within a few seconds. If he's not available, we'll tell you and even show you who has him if you want to put in a trade.

If you play in multiple leagues, the Analyzer will also show you which players you have the most exposure to so you know exactly who to pray to the fantasy gods to keep healthy.

The Lineup Analyzer is a feature reserved for our Premium Members.

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